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Telling Brand Stories with Authenticity: The Power of Documentary-Style Videos

Documentary-style videos have emerged as a compelling medium for brands to tell their stories. Unlike traditional advertisements, these videos capture real-life moments and genuine emotions, offering a raw and unscripted view into the world of a brand. This approach not only engages audiences but also fosters a deeper connection between the brand and its consumers.

Behind-the-scenes photo of a video production crew filming a documentary-style brand video

The Essence of Documentary-Style Videos:

Documentary-style videos break away from the polished, scripted format of typical commercials. They thrive on spontaneity and realism, inviting viewers into a more intimate and trustworthy space. This format is not about selling a product but about narrating a story that resonates with the audience on a human level.

Comparison of traditional commercial setup vs. documentary-style setup

Why Brands Choose Documentary Videos:

More and more brands are gravitating towards documentary videos for their ability to convey authenticity and evoke emotion. These narratives often feature real people with relatable stories, creating a powerful emotional bond with the viewer. Industry leaders have noted that documentary-style videos can effectively amplify a brand's message and values in an authentic manner.

Examples of successful documentary-style brand videos

Crafting a Compelling Narrative:

The key to a successful documentary-style video is a compelling narrative. It involves selecting a subject that aligns with the brand's values and crafting a storyline that is both engaging and authentic. This process requires deep understanding and empathy, ensuring the story told is not only compelling but also true to the brand's ethos.

Storyboarding session with the creative team

Technical Considerations:

Creating a documentary-style video requires a thoughtful approach to equipment and technique. The focus is on capturing moments as they unfold naturally, which demands flexible and unobtrusive equipment. Lighting and sound play crucial roles in maintaining the authenticity of the footage, requiring a skilled hand to balance technical needs with the story's emotional core.

Close-up shots of camera gear used in documentary-style video production

Case Studies:

Several brands have successfully leveraged documentary-style videos to enhance their storytelling. These case studies reveal how a well-executed narrative can transform a brand's image and forge a stronger connection with its audience. From intimate customer stories to behind-the-scenes looks at the brand, these videos have set new standards in advertising.

Stills from successful documentary-style brand video case studies


Documentary-style videos offer a unique and powerful way for brands to connect with their audience. By focusing on real stories and genuine emotions, these videos can transcend traditional advertising, creating a lasting impact on viewers and strengthening the brand's image.

An emotive image from a documentary-style video

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